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Here you can learn all the latest news, view photos and keep in touch with everything the HorseVetDentist has to offer.
We are extremely excited and proud to be able to offer the first ever, exclusive and dedicated veterinary dental service for horses, in south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and beyond!!
This is a very exciting and changing time for horse dentistry.
At last you and your horse can turn to the HorseVetDentist with confidence in the knowledge that your horse is getting the best dental care available. 
The HorseVetDentist provides a mobile veterinary dentistry service for your horse.
For the highest standards of veterinary care, backed by advanced training in equine dentistry, the HorseVetDentist is the leading provider of all your horse's dental needs.
Thank you for viewing our website.  We are passionate about horse dentistry and it is our goal to make you feel the same way.  If we can help in any way or can improve your experience, please let us know how.
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HorseVetDentist : Equine Dentistry for the 21st Century

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