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Paul Owens graduated in 2001, previously completing a Degree in Animal Science and a PhD in Animal Nutrition.
A UK qualified veterinary surgeon, Paul trained at the University of Liverpool Veterinary School, where there was a strong emphasis on equine medicine and dentistry.
Paul has always had a keen interest in horse dentistry and has kept abreast of research into dental disease in horses.  He has successfully completed the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) courses in intermediary and advanced equine dentistry.  These courses are directed by the leading equine veterinarians in the field of dentistry.
For the past ten years, Paul has continued to advance his knowledge and expertise by continuing education both overseas and here in Australia focusing on dental disease in horses.
In 2011, Paul attended a seven day specialised veterinary dental course, led by the world authority in equine dentistry, Dr Jack Easley from the USA.

Connie : Demonstration Horse

We are delighted and proud to introduce Connie.   A great passion of the HorseVetDentist, is to give all horse owners a better understanding of the importance of dentistry for horses and why it is essential to have regular checks carried out.
We can only appreciate the need for dentistry by actually looking inside a horse's mouth and seeing what it is all about.  That's where Connie comes in!  Connie has joined the team as a demonstration horse.  A Quarter horse rising four years of age, Connie has the perfect mouth to demonstrate the many changes that occur in early life. 
Connie was trained by John Woods.  A highly respected and renowned trainer from Tooradin, Victoria (click on the link to John's Facebook page).
As a result, Connie is the perfect demonstration horse and she accompanies the HorseVetDentist to many events.
Connie has become a very popular member of the team and gets lots of compliments at the events she attends.  Look out for her in the future!!
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